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I am 6'1" about 230lbs and was athletci with basketball and football but stoped after i started work and now trying to get ride of my stomac and what i consider 'man boobs' . i am running on the tredmil alot and doing simple chest workouts so the problem is i have no clue what to do in the gym as far as workouts can anyone help out with the stomac and chest problem and i can figure out the rest


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6/12/2009 9:11:20 PM
First off, no offense, it sounds like you just need to lose weight. You just got to do workouts to keeps your heart rate up. Running the treadmil is a good start but what you really need to do is get out there and run the land. Nothing is better than just runnning, the 'mil' can get boring after time and cause you to force yourself to run, plus its always the same pace and elevation. Running the land is uphill and down hill and if you change up your route every now and then you always have something new to look forward to, not just the same boring channel on the tv in front of you. Once you feel like you are at the level, which you will know when you get there, thats when you start the chest workouts. Start light weight/high rep and just move up. Focus Mainly on the Flat/Inlcine, and flys...10-12reps...Hope I could help, Corey

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