Body Building | Should i jog to lose weight?

Jogging is the best way to effectively lose weight and reduce excess fat. 2 months ago I "owned 70kg weight" while my height is 1m62. I started the process of losing weight by walking every day on a treadmill at home, not dieting, just eliminating fatty foods in the diet. After two months of perseverance, I lost 10kg of my desired weight. Now that I have participated in more bodybuilding training, my body has returned to toning, the waistline from 90cm is now only 75cm. What's important is that you have to be persistent. ”


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It depends on you if you are sincere then you can
achieve your goal. Well ! If you want to start
workout at home you can buy fitness equipment
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Yes, because Jogging burns calories faster than
other exercises but how much it depends on your
weight, your speed and your duration. On
average, you burn 100 calories per mile. More
specifically, for a person weighing 155 pounds, 5
minutes of jogging per hour burns 298 calories,
while a person weighing 185 pounds burns 355

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