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im 21 and workout 2-3 times a week with weight training and about 2 days a week of cardio. I take protein before and after i workout but i just bought some NO today. ive been wanting to try it. ive heard that it increases size by forcing more blood into the muscle tissue. Does it have any negative side effects? so its almost like a fake size increase because once you stop taking it you'd get smaller right? why do people wanna be "artificially" bigger? shouldn't it come from just natural size gains?


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1/15/2008 1:06:30 PM
All the stuff PT mentioned is good. Try and but in bulk if you can. There is a great Canadian bulk supplement website I like to use. Check them out, you find a lot cheap stuff. I'd post the link, but I don't know the forum rules on that sort of thing, so google it if you like.

Also look at;

Bulk Whey Hydrolysate: pre digested whey. It's much more effective than whey postWO. The reseach on it is amazing.

Bulk Leucine: awesome stuff. HBM is a dirivative of Leucine, and although it is more effective with new trainers, leucine is just as good with experienced ones. Leucine is also a fraction of the price.

Bulk Beta-Alanine: A carnosine buffer. The data coming back on it is comprable to creatine.

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1/15/2008 9:51:43 AM
After some review of the product it seems like it's a little to NEW to suggest a concrete answer to your question. While many studies show positive effects I would not take this product until a few more long term studies have been conducted.

Creatine, HMB, CLA, Vit E, Multi, Fish Oil, Whey Protein, Casein Protein, Dextrose and Maldextrin should be in your cupboards for muscle growth. These supplements have all been proven to help decrease bodyfat and increase muscle growth.


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1/14/2008 8:11:45 AM
This is a hottly debated topic. The idea behind NO product is that they increase blood flow to a muscle, and therefore improve nutient delivery. However, studies of Arganine (the usual ingredient in NO products) repeatedly shows no increase in muscle growth vs a placebo group. In fact in some studies it showed less growth. It does, however seem to increase strength during the workout.

MOst NO products also contain caffeine, taurine, and a host of other ingredients in addition to arganine the insure a good workout and a good pump. If you are someone who has a hard time getting a really good workout in the gym, then these products can be good, but otherwise I think your money could be better spent on something like BCAAs.

Hope this is of some assistance.

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