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I jog LSD and deal with a physical challenge of hypo-thyroid. I train short swims (approx 2x per week), weights (1x/week low intense) and run/jog (4x/week). Yet I cannnot seem to lose weight 219 @ 5'10". I fight the hypo for energy and my diet (2000cal/low fat) is what most would do for cardio training, > 50yr. Any thoughts to bump up the energy and increase endurance (and lose weight)?



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Personal Trainer
7/6/2003 10:32:24 AM
Dear Professor,

I understand the challenge you face with
a hypo-thyroid problem. It is very difficult to
lose weight and keep it off. From what you described your cardiovascular program sounds EXCELLENT.
However, you are not increasing your muscle mass which will be your biggest fighter in the long run against fat. Try
to increase your resistance training sessions to 3/per week. As for increasing endurance try interval training 1ce a week. It will help with increasing your speed at a longer duration. Remember, if your stuck at a road block .. Periodization is your tank ;)

Thanks for your question,

Personal Trainer

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