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im a 21 year old female looking to start a workout program but im finding it hard to find what exercises i should be looking to tone my stomache but and thighs and also strengthen my knees any suggestions im getting discuraged thanx


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Stage 1 Fit
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4/7/2010 12:50:12 PM
Hey don't get discouraged. It's tough but if you
focus on doing something active every day it will
start to get a bit easier and you will enjoy it

You also don't need a gym. Or equipment.
Try not to focus on calories, small meals every 2-3
hours keeps the fire burning!

Also, you don't need a gym or equipment.

Here's an acronym to help you remember a circuit:

Some Lucky People Deserve Brock and Marta

(I'm Brock, my fiance is Marta).
The first letter of each word stands for an exercise:

Move (skip, run on the spot, etc.)

Do each exercise for 1 minute then move right to
the next one. If you can get through the circuit 3
times I guarantee you'll be sweating!

I hope this helps!

OneMore Rep
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5/31/2006 1:52:32 PM
Oh,Thanks PT- Only problem is that I don't have access to most of that equipment. My question was more about your thoughts on working a personlized strength training/aerobic DVD workout like PUSH into my biking schedule. I like the idea of being able to workout in the comfort of my own home.

Personal Trainer
5/28/2006 9:20:58 PM
Yes, this circuit training program will work wonders because your heart rate will be up the whole time during your strength training. You mentioned you have no problem biking 4-5 times a week. Well, I suggest trying some high intensity interval training while you bike. It has been shown to increase fat burn by 9 TIMES as much as training for a long slow distance...

You NEED to increase your muscle mass through weights to increase your overall metabolism though. That circuit is your best bet.


OneMore Rep
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5/26/2006 12:06:04 PM
I'm in the same situation but my problem is finding the motivation to actually do the exercises myself. I don't have a problem motivating myself to run or go for a bike ride at least 4-5 times a week, but I do find it hard to go the extra mile to work with weights to tone specific parts of my body (ie my arms and abs). A good friend swears by a work-out program called PUSH- she says it motivates her to actually do all the different exercises to tone her body and that it’s great because they actually personalize the DVD to her profile and workout goals.

PT- will working in an exercise program like this into my 4/5x a week aerobic workout prove some results?

Personal Trainer
5/25/2006 8:53:23 AM
Please read:

Use this meal plan below( and change the calories to reflect that you should eat (found in the previous link).

Also complete a circuit training program 4 times per week.

Thank you,


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