Exercise Questions | Need some tips pls. :)

hi im new on this forum. im just need some tips and ask this questions. I know this is not so much important to some people but i will realy appreciate if someone give me sone tips.

1. In some experience people who always make some work out, anybody could give me some tips on what time is the best hours to make work out.
2. And also what is the standard or adviceable hour to spend in having a workout.
3. After i workout is it adviceable to take a shower? if yes, how many hours should i wait to take a bath?

I know this is very simple but i will trully apreciate if someone can give me advice thanks.


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11/5/2008 10:13:04 AM
Hello, my name is Ryan Nicholas Gaydovchik, a certified personal trainer for the national exercise sport trainers association, i would like to help you with some tips.

1. Well I know the best times to workout are in the morning early when you wake up or after work before you eat dinner.

2. Should spend no long than 55-60 minutes. Anything more is overtraining.

3. Yes, take a warm or hot shower it relaxes your muscles. Immediately if possible.

Any other questions just email me at

10/31/2008 10:23:31 AM
1.Work out whenever it is convenient for you. Pick a time you can fit in to your schedule every day. This will help you keep working out consistenly.

2.You should be working out at least 20 minutes per day, five to six days per week. Don't work out more than 1 - 1.5 hours to avoid burning out.

3. Shower whenever it is convenient or desirable for you. I like to shower right after working out if I can. However if it's not convenient, you haven't broken a sweat or you've got nowhere special to be afterwards, it can wait until you have time.

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10/31/2008 9:36:05 AM
thnx i'l try it. :)

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