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I really need to tone & lift my butt what can I do It needs just a little work not a lot I'm a 38 yr old female everything else is fine just need to tone my gluted what do you suggest for me?


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5/15/2009 7:26:50 PM
I'm "butt challenged" as well. LOL I do squats with 10 lb dumbells in each hand, making sure I don't see my knee overshadowing my foot. I do 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions. Then I rest for about a minute and do "Sumo Squats" which is when feet are wide apart and angled out just slightly (not like a Ballet plie though), and it resembles as Sumo wrestler squatting, but I grasp one 10 lb dumbell with both hands, close to my lower chest, and bend at the waist while squatting, swinging the dumbell down and back through my legs, holding it for a second, then bringing the dumbell back up again while squeezing the glute (butt) muscles to bring my body back upright. This works the glutes, the inner thighs, and the groin muscles.

I don't do regular lunges because they kill my knees, so I do "reverse" lunges in which you plant your leg backwards and lunge instead of forward. It's easier on the knees.

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5/4/2009 6:17:20 PM
Squats and lunges.

I would stick with body weight squats and lunges. twice a week complete as many squats and lunges for 3 sets. Just give a try for 3 weeks.


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