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When building muscle mass I understand the theory of high weight, low reps. However, does that apply to all exercises, i.e. rotator cuff,hamstrings, flys? How do you know which exercise to go to failure on and which not to?


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8/31/2011 10:35:09 PM
I would also be careful if you've had a
previous injury (or prone to injury) and
experience with lifting. You don't want to
strain stabilizing areas to fatigue
without gaining a decent about of strength
before hand. I personally don't feel
you're going to gain a lot of muscle mass
on your rotators, so why risk them? (says
the person with rotor cuff injuries :( be

Personal Trainer
2/26/2010 10:37:17 AM
Rotator training is for shoulder stability, so please dont train to failure doing rotators and then do a shoulder/chest workout.

If you are going for muscle mass hamstrings are ok to go for failure...

Flys are ok for chest too.

I would suggest that muscles that are meant for stability should only be trained to failure at the END of your routine. You are putting yourself at risk if you do otherwise.

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