Exercise Questions | Is there anything that still works but doesn't affect your bust and butt as much?

Hello! Okay, well lately i've been trying to tone my body. I don't really care so much about weight, and I guess the main thing is that I want to make my stomach a little flatter and stronger. I've been jogging, taking walks, sits up, etc. This seems to have helped the rest of my body, and my stomach IS a LITTLE harder (if you poke it), but it's not much FLATTER. Not only breasts are getting smaller :( . While I expected this, I have to admit I was just a little alarmed when it seemed like i was losing those first.

I want to continue toning my body, but I don't want to drastically lose all my curves. Would it make a difference if I just went to the gym and used those specialized machinery and what-not to focus the excercised area on my abs? or would that still effect my butt and breasts (in which case I would just stick with jogging, because it's more convenient).



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Personal Trainer
1/5/2008 11:44:48 AM
You can't control where you lose the weight (spot reducing). You can build muscle all over your body so that you increase your metabolism and burn fat and increase your LBM (lean body mass).

Things you should try:

1. HIIT (search the site)
2. Circuit Training Program 4 times per week
3. Follow:


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