Body Building | Hey im new and want help..

hey i wanted a workout plan along with a good recommended diet chart about what to eat after before and between workouts..i mean through out whole day im doing basic exercises for body parts and taking 1-2 scoops on gold standard protein after workout and i want to abs with all other muscles at the same time thats why i used to do every body part exercise..abs also 2 times a week but didnt getting results so i need a workout plan and diet chart or plan for muscle asking the cummunity for me please guys and espicially mister trainer please sum1 is waiting for ur reply guys please...appretiate your reply and thanks..again


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10/31/2018 2:06:10 PM
sure you will get help from here.......

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9/27/2016 12:28:30 PM
Did you happen to browse through the site
to find the info you need?

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