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hi ....
i'm 25 male being in the gym for almost 2 monthes just to get used to it , i'm lookin for a right program to get a little bit bigger (i'm small) and shape the muscles ,

thank you
for your time


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Myfit Moderator
Yelm Washington Personal Trainer
5/19/2008 1:25:05 PM
Ok what I would do for three days a week I would set up a routine that consist of workouts that works three muscles every night with reps of between 8-10 to begin.

After a few weeks I would do reps of between 5-8 reps.

Like usually i would do chest, arms and upper back on day one.

then lower back, abs, and shoulders. Then on the third day i would do hamstrings, quads, and calves.(maybe some ab work if you can handle it)

Well hope this gives you a general idea.

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