Weight & Fat Loss | Help - i have fat overhang on my bra - wedding in 6 weeks

I really need some help - i dont know what to do. I get married in 6 weeks and i tried my dress yesterday and i have fat overhang at the back of the dress and in my armpit creases. What can i do?????????? Help Please


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2/16/2008 12:04:50 PM
PLEASE go and get a correct BRA FITTING from a lingerie department for one. Any spillage of skin around the bra is the sign that your bra isn't the right fit for you. As women our bra size changes over our lifetime.
Once I was told to measure for the right size bra it went like this. Measure under your fullest part of your breast lets say for this example its 36". Then measure over the fullest part of the breast with a bra on and lets say for this example its 40". For every 1" difference between the two you count a cup size so in this example this person would be a 36D.
But I still say go to a lingerie department and ask if someone is able to help fit you for a proper bra, before anything else you try =)

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12/31/2007 9:41:07 AM
4 steps:

1. Follow these nutritional rules and DON"T break them:
2. Include a circuit training program into your routine 4 out of the 7 days per week.
3. Get help from you family and explain what you need them to do.
4. Seek a personal trainer at the gym to make sure you complete the exercises properly and for motivation.


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