Exercise Questions | Hardgainer, hah!! i'm a no gainer.

help! i'm 46 and just started lifitng. it's been more than a year now, and my only progress has been with my forearms. why can't i put on any muscle? in fact, it seems the more i workout, the weaker i get. any suggestions?


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12/15/2003 1:28:53 AM
thanks for the advice pt! i understand how to use the advanced principles. how many times/week should i workout each muscle group? how many sets for each group? and at what per cent of orm? these are the things that confuse me most.

Personal Trainer
12/3/2003 9:56:50 AM
Dear Hardgainer,

The number of times you workout and your split seems fine for gains. If you are looking for muscular hypertrophy you may want to be doing a 3-4 day split and giving your muscles more of a chance to rest.

The best advice I can give you is using advanced training principles and you should be keeping track of your workouts. Please read:

Advanced Weight Training Principles Explained

Let me know if you dont understand something,


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11/21/2003 12:28:19 AM
hi PT,thanks for writing!
i was working out 3x/week (full body). then i moved to a 2 day split (4 workouts/week). i try to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks/day, but i only put on weight. admittedly, i don't sleep as much as i should, only 4-5 hrs./night. also, i've had left knee surgery (meniscus repair, both sides), so i have trouble doing squats. i've added good mornings, hindu squats, leg extensions and ham curls. this is very frustrating. i manage to keep up with my workout, but without gains, i'm not sure for how long. any suggestions?

Personal Trainer
11/14/2003 6:52:37 AM
Dear Guest,

Are you overtraining? Are you eating properly? You are asking a difficult question without knowing the background. How often do you workout... etc.


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