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Could you tell me if glucosamine Sulfate really works for helping to fix torn cartilage? If not .. are their other supplements that may help?


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3/14/2004 6:57:46 AM
Started taking glucosamine as soon as I started lifting. Have torn some muscles fairly good and required physio, but all in all I think the glucosamine has really helped. Have friends who run in marathons etc.and they all swear by it.

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3/14/2003 10:59:41 AM
Dear Guest,

Please read this article written by Jeremy O'brien.

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2/27/2003 5:22:40 PM
According to studies published on PubMed (which are scientific journals and research rather than the advertisements you see in magazines or infomercials) Glucosamine Sulfate has been getting great reviews. Studies performed on both people and animals have had gret results. Not only does Glucosamine Sulfate help with joint pain, but it has been proven to decrease cartilage damage and even help rebuild and repair it. Of course, since Glucosamine Sulfate is recently getting exposure, more studies are being performed to verify its claims.

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