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I workout six days a week but I want to condense my workout to five. I still want to continue working each body part twice a week. I need help coming up with a schedule. Right now my schedule is:Mon/Thurs-back,biceps,and forearms. Tues/Fri-Chest&Triceps. Wed/Sat legs/abs/shoulders.
Please help.



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10/23/2003 12:03:07 PM
the guest is right on the money.
Twice a week, wow. Are you hitting them with real intensity? Big muscles should only be trained once a week, and hard!, if it is muscle gain that you want. Deb sounds like a girl name, so i guess you want conditioning or toning. If this is the case, you can do 2x every 10 days.

10/22/2003 8:14:29 PM
In my opinion i think you should only be working out your back,chest and legs once a week. For ex. my routine is Mon: bi and leg Tuesday: Chest, tri's Wednesday: Cardio Thursday: bi and back Friday: delts and tri's Sat/Sun rest or cardio. I think its pretty hard to work out all your body parts 2x's a week b/c theres just to much to do at once and youll spend a hella time in the gym and you might wont have enough energy to complete your work out. Also your body might wont have recovered from the previous workout. ***Member more doesnt mean better/bigger.***

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