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Hi, I have been training for quite a while but I still can't figure out why it has been so difficult of me to lift consistent descending reps of the same weight (ie: first rep of 12, but can't seem to do 10 reps for the next set; more like < 8). I want to keep my rest time between sets short; about 90 secs apart; however my reps improve very little even if i take longer rest periods. Is there a way to train to solve this problem?


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4/11/2009 9:31:22 AM
Your lifting too heavy to start out with. I am not a fan of sticking with the same weight for more then one set. If your doing curls, and 35 pounds is your basic 12 rep set, start a little lighter on your first set, like 30. Increase 5 pounds per set, for 4 sets. I only stick with the same wieght when I hit a plataue, but otherwise, you really should be increasing every set, otherwise you won't gain.

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