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Just wondering about my food intake and the vitamins I should be taking.

First thing in the morning I drink very strong milky coffee.

An hour later I have a tumbler of cold water immediately followed by a desert spoon of extra virgin olive oil ( I only started the olive oil and water regime this week because I read about the Shangri la diet) It seems to do as it says and reduces my appetite.

About an hour after that I have a small tub of full fat Total Greek yoghurt. Later I have an apple.

In the evening I have a proper meal of fish and veg. Then I seem to spoil things by eating say Tiramasu or lime pie.

I drink alcohol mainly at the weekend and that would be either red wine or Pina

I love sweet things but if I start eating them I have difficulty in resisting more.

I take one multivit a day. I dont eat meat and dont like to eat too much during the day as it makes me tired. I dont get tired on my current method of eating but I'm wondering if it is healthy enough.

My method of eating does seem to follow albeit not fully the low glycemic index which I've also been reading up on this week.

As for exercise I have a sit down job but always take the stairs and walk most places when at home but I dont have a particular exercise regime. I do have a powerplate (but no instructions how to use it). (Ive posted about this in another forum)

thanks for any advice


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9/14/2010 12:36:55 PM

My names Peter, I'm a health & wellness coach & I think I can offer some tips.

The best way to keep the metabolism & energy levels going is to eat little but often. For example. Breakfast followed 2 ish hours later by a snack (e.g. Fruit & yogurt) Then lunch, 2 hours later a mid afternoon snack (fruit or a low calorie snack bar). Then dinner with plenty of veg.

For snacking or sweet cravings try taking a Chromium supplement. Chromium has been proven to stabilise blood sugar levels. This way your cravings for sweet things are reduced.

If you require any more information please E-mail me


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