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I hate the gym. I've spent over 2,000 dollars the past 2.5 yrs and don't go. But, I want to have babies and need to lose some weight. I am currently doing yoga, pilates and some resistance stuff (the bands) at home in the morning and love it. I have lots of space and really dig the time spent. I am a full time grad student and full time worker plus wife, so that is why I'm looking into investing in one cardio piece of equipment for home
In the summer I do water aerobics in our pool at the complex and like that. I have done my research and right now to buy a continuous motor treadmill vs. a peak use treadmill is out of my price range. I plan to use the treadmill 3-4 a week, so peak is not the best option. Price wise an elliptical is a better option, but I've been told the cardio work out isn't as great. I've
also been told that the ellipticals put your body into unnatural range of motions and can do damage. I would like some advice on if what I've heard about the ellipticals is true - or if they are indeed a good purchase.



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Personal Trainer
8/14/2003 8:43:55 AM
Dear Guest,

Elliptical is actually an excellent peice of equipment, and If I were buying between the two I would pick the elliptical.

As posted in the news section: because of the impact on your knees and the versitility of the opposing muscle groups I would reccommend buying one.

I hope it works out for you. PT

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