Body Building | Does it matter if ur lifting different weights for each muscle group

like for example
if ur benching 90 lbs
are u supposed to do dumbells 45 lbs on each hand
and do barbell curls with 90 lbs too?
coz in some sites it said to b consistent on weights and make it heavy for ur body to adapt

its hard to do 90 lbs barbells curls but i can do 90 lbs bench press
so is it ok to just do maybe 50 lbs of barbell curls and 90 lbs bench press.will ur muscle still adapt and get bigger even if ur not consistent with ur weights


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2/11/2004 9:06:22 PM
Often times you will find it much harder to do dumbbells rather than a barbell, and you will notice a significant drop in the total weight you're repping, because with dumbbells you are forced to use your "stabilizer" muscles to stabilize the weight throughout movement; a barbell restricts this movement to an extent. Too much redundancy (and consistency) can also work against you. To maximize your results, you should change your program, schedule, exercise, and total weight about every 2-3 weeks. However, I try to increase my weight each time I go to the gym (which is 1-2 times a week per muscle group). If you feel comfortable doing this, then DO IT. Be safe, but be need to keep your body on the edge of its performance. Once your body adapts to the movements and/or weights, it is fairly easy for you to reach a plateau that, without change, can be almost impossible to overcome.


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2/6/2004 12:11:02 PM
I'm not 100% sure, but doing a barbell press compared to a dumbell press would work the same, but still, some different muscles. So I wouldn't think a weight difference would really matter.

However, I may be wrong...


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