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Hi, everyone. I joined this forum because I desperately need advice which I hope someone can help me out with. I have always struggled to lose weight and keep it off even though I have never been significantly overweight – maybe no more than by 15lb or so. Within the last year, I am not proud to say, I have been an on/off user of Adderall (which I am sure all of you are familiar with) to moderate my weight. I am a full time college student in the evenings and I also work full time 5 days a week during the day. I took Adderall for assistance in my 18+ hour work/school days for an extra “prep” in my studies, etc. I obviously was ecstatic to discover that besides giving me an extra energy boost, it COMPLETELY suppressed my appetite to the point where I was just content in eating once a day – a big breakfast. In a matter of 2 months, I dropped about 15lb and was at my ideal weight of 105lb (I am 5’0 tall) I loved the way I looked but didn’t want to keep taking Adderall because of the health hazards (not to mention it being quite pricey)
I can only imagine what eating once a day and running on less than 400 calories a day did to my metabolism. So now, without the Adderall, I’m scared that whatever I eat is going to get stored as fat right away because of how slow my metabolism has became. Is there anything in particular I can do and/or are there any specific foods I can eat that will speed my metabolism up?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Oh and yes, I know exercise is the answer to everything, but as I said - I put in a work/school day from 6am to 11pm/12am - I literally have no time to actually work out but I do try doing extra walking when I can like using the stairs instead of the escalator in school and walking to and from the train station every day instead of taking the bus.


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4/7/2010 11:58:05 AM
Hi Desperate for Knowledge,

You won't want to hear this, but activity is a must. It
starts with a promise to yourself. You must promise
to make healthy choices to improve the quality of
your life. Schedule a training session as you would
any other meeting or appointment. Instead of
saying "I should workout" say, "I WILL workout".
Then choose a time and write it down.
I know you have a busy schedule, but even 20
minutes a day of moderate to intense activity will
jumpstart your metabolism. You don't need a gym.
You don't need equipment.
Here's an acronym to help you remember a circuit:

Some Lucky People Deserve Brock and Marta

(I'm Brock, my fiance is Marta).
The first letter of each word stands for an exercise:

Move (skip, run on the spot, etc.)

I hope this helps!

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1/1/2010 3:38:08 PM
I just came across your post. I have a similar problem but from low thyroid. No appetite - eat very little so it all goes to fat. I have found that I can boost my metabolizum by drinking herbal green tea. It has great anti-oxident value also. Just don't drink it in the evening or you will not sleep well. I do stick to a high protein diet. I have been able to loose weight by doing this.
Hope it helps.

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7/8/2009 6:23:18 PM
I would do a 15 min intense body weight workout. It takes no time and can be done anywhere. Also, if you eat enough protein and fiber in meals then you will feel more satisfied and will eat less.

I hope this helps as a starting point


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5/22/2009 1:20:27 PM
Just make sure you are exercising, eating right. Sign up for our newsletter and you'll get a free ebook with a grocery list, metabolism boosting diet and foods and a great circuit training program so you make sure that your increased hunger (from going off Adderall) will be in check.

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