Body Building | Creatine and running

I am currently running 5 times a week and weight lifting 4-5 times a week really hard.I am currently taking a whey protein 2-3 times a day and eating a lot but still need to gain around 5-7 pounds of muscle for wrestling. Would creatine help me ? i ask this because i run


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Personal Trainer
10/14/2005 8:01:52 AM
Creatine helps for the first 10-12 seconds of contraction. Sprinters and heavy weight lifting are ideal. You will not see the benefit with long distance running.

To answer your question: It will help with muscle building.


10/3/2005 8:52:16 PM
I am a senior in high school in Anchorage Alaska. I workout every day with my P.E. instructor who is a former body builder and once full back for University of Idaho. We take creatine once a day and load every few weeks. I do bulk lifting on lower, upper and back muscle and run 5 times a week to keep minimal body fat percentage. Creatine is excellent for building muscle. Simply put what Creatine monohydrate does is pump excess water to the muscles. It helps build bulk and increases recovery time. I would recomend this because i have had no problems. NOTE: if you do begin to take Creatine make sure to drink excess water every day, otherwise you will start pulling muscles very easily (8 or 9 glasses each day)

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