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I had a question pertaining to my chest routine. I workout on my chest every 5th day and I mix it up each time. One day will be 6-8 reps, the next chest day will be 12-15 reps, and the following chest day I will flat bench, incline bench, and do flyes with weights, but also with resistance bands added to them, and I will do reps of 12, 8, and 5-6. My question is, is it ok to do pushups between chest days? If so, how often and how many? To me, pushups do not breakdown your muscles enough to where it would be harmful to do them between chest days. Is that correct?


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7/14/2008 8:11:21 AM
Hello Friend,

Doing a chest workout every fifth day is to far apart if your trying to build muscle. If you were trying to keep your general physic then that would be ok.

I recently benched 225lbs a total of 26 repititions and here's what I did.

7x10 Reps of flat bench.(Super Set)
7x10 Dumbbell Chest Butterflys
Pick a weight that you struggle to get nine and fail on rep 10 on at keast the third set.

With this, You will need endurance to get to the seventh set but you will shock your tri's along with the inside and outside of your chest.

With so many reps you will need to take a break between each set and it time forbids, cut down the number of sets.

In conclusion, I did this Monday and thursday. I also warmed up until I would sweat before I started. I had other exercises after this.

P.S. Pushups with your natural bodyweight helps work soreness but doing it in excess the night before your big workout might hinder your overall performance.

Good Luck!

Personal Trainer
3/25/2008 5:34:06 PM
You may want to switch up your chest workout routine to allow more stimulation. Every fifth day is a long time inbetween workouts.

To answer your other question about pushups; it has been shown that it does actually decrease muscle soreness and speed recovery to do bodyweight exercises the day after a tough workout.

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