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Is it better to do a circuit/strength training session before a cardio session or vice versa? Or should I be doing these on different days?


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Myfit Moderator
Yelm Washington Personal Trainer
5/17/2008 11:16:40 AM
Hey ya i will go check that one out.=]


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5/15/2008 9:57:40 AM
Yes...cardio at least 6 times a week...I do not feel regular when it is less...there is an energy fact read a great article on that at great site for women should check it out. Thanks for Q&A!!


Myfit Moderator
Yelm Washington Personal Trainer
5/13/2008 10:41:33 AM

it is best to do your cardio after you do your circuit training. I would actually do cardio every day but on sundays to give your body a rest.

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