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I would like to start weight training for weight loss and muscle toning. I used to lift quite regularly so am familiar with workouts, but where should I start now. PS Just got out of walking cast for pulled tendon in my foot. Which of the programs would most benefit me do you think


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7/9/2010 10:31:14 PM
i would suggest upper body workouts. at
least you have a head start from waiting
for the lower part of your body to heal.
you have been working out for some time,
i'm sure you have an idea of what
exercises to do.

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7/8/2009 6:12:31 PM
My suggestion would definitely be to go with the Turbulence Training of Craig Ballantine.
This training is built in a way that you have different difficulty levels to start from. There's a couple of case study in the beginning of the book that really helps you decide where you can start. Plus this guy is regularly posting new challenges and free training so even when you're finished with the TT program, you have plenty of workouts to help you achieve your goals.
To your success!

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