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so my left trapezius is bigger than my left trapezius...and my right latissimus dorsi is bigger than my left my questions is what kind of exercise can i do to balance this size problem...what exercise targets only one side...well thank you...


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12/14/2008 7:25:19 PM
Please those who can cure this tel me do so. MY left chest is bigger than my right chest. My right lats is bigger than my left lats. I'm a right hander. All this while i've been workout (push ups ONLY)and abs. no equipment because i don't have any equipment at home.any better ideas?

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7/30/2008 5:50:13 AM
that is normal, to have one side bigger the other

Like the muscles on the left forearms grows faster then the right forearms

a great exercise for the back is Frog Kicks

It's target the abs, Lower Back and the lats and it's also removes the pain from the back

check it out:

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3/29/2008 2:57:49 PM
Lat pulldowns work quite well for your latissimus dorsi and shrugs work for your trapezius. So what you need to do is use a cable machine and complete the lat pulldown and a dumbbell for shrugs on the one side.


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