Body Building | Advise on my workout routine plz

sunday- shoulders,chest,neck,cardio
monday- legs and abs
tuesday- back,triceps,biceps
wendsday- legs and abs
thursday- shoulders,chest,neck,cardio
friday- back,triceps,biceps


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3/9/2007 2:59:43 PM
Yo wuts goin on, Check this out, One of These punks from Don Bosco just threw up 185, a bunch of times for this contest to win $5,000. I'm thinkin Bosco are a bunch of pussies these kids are talkin too much crap. Im bout to throw a video of me beastin 185 up there i just gotta get one of my boys to video tape me, Gotta put these kids in their place and show them who the real beast in the gym is.

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