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Hi everybody, I have been not taking this thing seriously until some close friends did taunt me on this … is my premature ageing. They do throw up laughs about my anti-ageing and though I feel that I am fine …..there are still some doubts that haunt me. Is it really that I am ageing fast…..I too sometimes get tired a little early…..but I don't believe that this should be a reason for that.I will consult a physician if I feel the necessity to go there ….but for the time being I would like to know the causes and remedies (just asking them in case) for the issue!!!


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9/30/2008 7:22:36 AM

If you are worried about ageing prematurely, DO NOT go to the doctor. I work in the medical field and I know from experience that the earlier in life you go to a doctor, the earlier you get decrepit and die. The only solutions in the doctor bag are drugs, all of which have side effects and potential to slowly destroy your internal organs.

Get natural if you want to live long and healthy. Eat natural foods, a wide variety. Exercise more and sleep well. There's no mystery. Our bodies were created to function optimally using just what we can find in nature. I think it was Jack Lalanne that said "If a man made it, don't eat it."

As an aside on natural diet, adding tea of any kind to your diet will benefit your health. My teas of choice are green tea, rooibos, and chamomile among others. They're all full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals plus they keep you hydrated. Many teas are artificially or "naturally" flavoured. Read the ingredients and avoid teas with these ingredients.

So, give it a shot. Clean up your diet and other habits and see what happens. I'll bet you will be laughing at your friends' lack of energy and strength pretty soon.

Hope this helps.

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7/26/2008 10:58:17 AM
I don't think that you should take any tensions on that …..but on this better take the opinions of your close ones that will tell you correctly about your health …..but yes, ant-ageing is a real concern among many a people these days and I have been hearing and seeing a lot about that recently. I have heard that Vitamin-E helps in some positive effects and is an anti-oxidant too. Since you are planning to go to the doctor later, have a look at certain health issues at that will guide you to better understand the problems and diagnose them at your level(as far as you can)

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