Body Building | Workout routine!

Hey everyone, I'm 16 6 feet tall and 150-160 pounds, I use this workout routine

Monday - Chest/Triceps
Tuesday - off
Wednesday - Biceps/Back
Thursday - off
Friday - Shoulders/Legs
Saturday - off
Sunday - off


Seated Dumbell Extensions 5x5 30 pounds
Tricep Dips 10x5
Push Ups 10x4
Dumbell Presses 5x5 10 pounds
Sit Ups 100
Dumbell Flys 5x5 10 pounds
5 Minute Bike Ride


Curls 5x5 30 pounds
Hammer Curls 5x5 30 pounds
One Arm Dumbell Rows 5x5 30 pounds
Dumbell Shrugs 5x5 30 pounds
Sit Ups 100
5 Minute Bike Ride


Seated Dumbell Presses 5x5 10 pounds
Front Dumbell Presses 5x5 10 pounds
Bent-Over Lateral Raises 5x5 10 pounds
Dumbell Sqauts 5x5 30 pounds
Calf Raises 5x5 30 pounds
Sit Ups 100
5 Minute Bike Ride

I only do the 5 minute bike ride but I will be increasing it soon because I had bad cardio, I also have weak shoulders so I am only using 10 pounds until I can handle more, and my chest isn't the strongest either so I am working on that!

I was wondering if maybe I should switch up endurance training and strength training, like 1 week strength 2nd week endurance

I would also like any comments on this, I am working out at home and only have dumbells.

If there are any exercises you think wood be better to start me off on chest and shoulder exercises please let me know! =)


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8/20/2007 10:22:32 AM
What would be the advice here if your goal was size?

8/3/2007 6:03:35 PM
Hi there buddy,
1 very important question before your question can be answered. - What is your goal. There are 3 ways of training - for endurance, for size or for strength. Depending on your real goal and reason for working out that will point to a way of training that suits you and will enable you to achieve your goals. Once your goal is clear then you can develop a routine that works you in the right weight resistance, the right number of reps and also the right rest period in between sets. Cheers.

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