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I just had a quick question: right now I'm heading to the gym 6 times a week, doing a fairly standard, beginners routine for building mass (chest and biceps on monday and thursday, legs and shoulders on tuesday and friday and back and triceps on wednesday and saturday) but, come September, I will have less time to go to the gym. I'm just wondering what will happen (in terms of losing any gains I may have made) if I cut my routine in half (ie just working each muscle group once a week instead of twice like I'm doing now)?

Any comments would be helpful and appreciated


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7/15/2010 12:08:41 PM
Good question. Truth is, you do not necessarily NEED to work muscle groups more than once a week. Your muscles need time to rest.

Try adding an extra exercise (3 sets) to each muscle group. This will give you an increase in intensity, and will work your muscles enough so they will NEED the rest. Just keep up with your protein and nutrition, and you shouldn't lose any gains.

Hope this helps!

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7/10/2010 11:06:31 AM
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