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Hello I'm a new user I was wondering since Ima be training alone now or learning to be my own trainer I haven't gone to the gym in a while and I know I need to start slowly and everything but how many machines or workouts are ok to do the same day like for an example in butt exercises 10 machines or workouts with band or lounges whatever so that I don't overtrain or viceverse. Thanks, sorry for my English it's not my first language.


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4/4/2013 10:23:43 AM
It has been a while since your post-are you still
needing support in your workouts? Or have you
reached your goal?

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2/12/2011 2:33:01 AM
yes this is true that workout is very important for us.all the efforts for get a slim body is meaningless if we avoid workout.with the help of workout we can get a perfect body and can be aware from diseases.

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2/9/2011 3:41:29 AM
well workout is very important to all of us and many people trying to lose their fats by doing workout.they need a perfect body which is free from diseases.i also do workout to remain fit.

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