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I have been working out for about 3 months now. I started out doing cardio and weights on opposite days light weight more reps. I wanted to build muscle so i started to do more weigh and less reps and now I am doing cardio every day and doing weights two to three times a day (6 sets of 6)with 6 secs rest in between. My upper part of my body I do about 40lbs, but my lower half ranges from 90-100 (inner, outer, hamstrings). I also do crunches, with no weight. I am starting to feel bulky and my boyfriend tells me that i look bulky on my arms. I want to be lean not bulk up. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions would graetly help with what type of weigh and reps I should be doing and cardio. I h ate talking to the personal trainers at the gym because I feel like they wnat to sell something to me and I dont have the $$ to pay.

Thanks so much!!


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9/10/2003 4:39:51 PM
Thank you for your reply. I will try the 4 days of cardio and rest. I was foing cardio on my days off of weights and then I was told to do 20 minutes of cardio every day (5 days). Thanks for the information though!

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9/10/2003 4:24:23 PM
Instead of increasing weight and decreasing reps, you should try the reverse. Meaning, try less weight with more reps, say 12-15 reps. This should help result in more definition and less bulkiness. The weight used should be at a level where your 12th or 15th rep is difficult to perform in good form. In addition, doing cardio every day can take its toll on your body. Try not to do more than 3-4 days of straight cardio without taking a day of rest. Good luck!

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