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Going through the workout section, I noticed there is not a lot designed for women. Does anyone have any suggestions as to a woman's bulk up workout routine? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Also a recommended diet to follow and a caloric suggestion.
I am 5'4" ans currently weigh 139lbs. I am looking at bulking up but staying lean in the process. My current BF% is 18.
Thanks in advance.


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3/19/2008 9:36:09 PM
Hi,I'm a 47 year old female at 98 lbs and really want to bulk up. I don't have the money to hire a trainer and want to know what order to do exercises in and if it should be a three dsy split. Any suggestions would help Thanks so much

Personal Trainer
12/12/2007 8:35:21 AM
Hi there Fit Mum,

I'm sure you're familiar with weight training and that programs aren't really geared towards men or women. Fitness programs are meant for everything to do. Since you are looking to gain muscle mass I suggest you try a split routine:

Day 1:
Chest 4 exercises
Triceps 3 exercises

Day 2:
Back 4 exercises
Biceps 3 exercises
Cardio Perform 5 sets of HIIT

Day 3:
Legs 4 exercises
Shoulders 3 exercises

Day 4: Abs and Cardio
5 sets of HIIT with some cross training of some sort (pick a new cardiovascular activity to perform)

Start day 1 over again.

Does this help?


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