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im 15 and my shoulder blades stick out when i let my arms hang down.

Do i have this "winging shoulder thing?"

if so what excersise can fix it?
I have dumbells aand barbells but no wieght bench


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Personal Trainer
1/10/2009 8:01:43 AM
Please continue with working your biceps, chest and medial delts, but don't neglect your back and rear delts.

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1/10/2009 6:54:12 AM
should i continue with biceps, pectorials and lateral raises or just focus on the back muscles and the rear raise??

Personal Trainer
1/8/2009 10:10:49 AM
I know what you mean now; it may be hard to hide it with muscle but you can always try.

As I mentioned, focus on those exercises and if you feel it's a anterior deltoid problem, try rear raises with dumbbells, cables and bands and lay off the front raises for a while until you build up the rear deltoids.


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1/8/2009 8:46:40 AM
er yeh, basically, the shoulder blades stick straight out from my back. im in no pain but i feel that i look stupid from a side profile.

i think it could have been caused by a bad range of work outs such as a simple set of Bicep curls and frontal raises which have pulled my shoulders forwards thus pulling my shoulder blades round and making them stick out.

Personal Trainer
1/5/2009 1:23:44 PM
Could you explain your winging shoulder thing in more detail? Does this cause you any physical pain? Or is it just the look you want to change?

Try working your back during your workout sessions using these major compound back exercises:

Lat Pulldown
Seated Row


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