Weight & Fat Loss | Will this diet help me cut weight?

Hi everyone im new here so just wanted to say hi!

I am currently trying a new diet and wondered if it was worth continuing as i dont seem to be having many results.

i am eating 6 small meals a day as i heard its good for raising metabolism,

1. Bowl of porridge oats with raisans (10am)
2. Ham sandwhich (12.30pm)
3. 2* Bananas (4pm)
4. Whey protein shake 2 sccops (post workout 6:30pm)
5. Rice and salmon fillet (8:30pm)
6. Cereal with long life no fat milk (10:30pm)

This is a typical day, i work out 5 times a week also typically an hour of intense weights and 20 mins cardio per session. I have found i have buled up somewhat and my strength has gained lots. However i have shed no weight and stomach is main problem showing a gut, as well as my bulky muscles not really havin much definition.

Sorry its such a long post, and hope to hear from you all soon. Thanks for taking you r time to read this message.

Muzzy!! :-)


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Yelm Washington Personal Trainer
6/30/2008 11:51:17 AM
Another thing....if you add more weight each week you couldburn out your body and lose your commitment.

What would help is if you only add weight every 3-4 weeks. So that your body can get addapted to it before changing it up again.

As for bein defined. it won't effect you if after about three month intervals you take and put two weeks of low weight high rep excercises in between.

You will not lose strength doing this but when you go back to lifting heavy again it make take about to days to get your max strength back.

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6/29/2008 3:30:22 PM
Hi, ok i will try cuttin down to 4-5 meals per day and see what happens with that.

I am using heavy weights at gym and tend to go with 3 * 12 reps as standard with reps 10-12 being extremeley difficult. I find i am addicted to improving my strength and seem to be lifting more each week. But i suppose if i want definition i should lower the weight and increase the reps? will i lose strength doing this?

Thanks for your advice and i will try and take it on board as much as possible, more replies are welcome!

Myfit Moderator
Yelm Washington Personal Trainer
6/29/2008 2:10:46 PM
Well that is good enough diet but if you are not losing weight is because you are not burning more than you consume.

You may eat healthy but that doesn't mean you are eating the right portion size for your body.

Also you may try to eat between 4-5 times instead. I found that I usually tend to eat more than what I should with 6 times a day.

Also are you using light weight high reps for definition? If not I would switch back and forth every couple of weeks to get alot more definition.

Hope this helps=]=]

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