Exercise Questions | Why im not getting results on my chest?

It seems like i've been working on my chest forever doin pushups tricep dips,my chest stick out but it's like my back helping it stick out because my chest is not thick how can make it thick plz someone help me out.


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12/28/2007 3:24:09 PM
That previous guy is correct: pushups, as with all calisthenics, do not build muscle mass. Cals are great for warm-up, maintaining muscle tone, and even for finishing off a punishing weight training session. (Well . . . you could use a weight vest to add resistance to your cals--that would help build muscle mass.) What you really need is a well-rounded upper body workout, and incorporate drop-sets every so often. If you don't have access to a powerrack with olympic-style barbells, you could use dumbbells. Kettelbells are also good; they add variety to your workouts, and are properly performed so that you are in the aerobic training range much of the time.

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11/30/2007 4:22:48 PM
Well antatomicly speaking the chest is made up of only two muscles.clavicle head and sternum head.Most people think of the chest in three sections upper,middle and the lower.The only way to build thicker and portional chest is to use weights. with reps 4-6 this put it in to hypertrophy(meaning to grow).3 sets is good.The chest can be worked out at nine different angles.The angle of the shoulder and the position of the hand on barbell will determine the angle that is worked on the chest. Let me tell you push ups dont get you any where.Its warm up movement for many bodybuilders.

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