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Hi – I have been a yo-yo dieter for years. I HATE it! This last 60lb weight gain has caused me to completely change my way of thinking and I am hopefully on a road to a healthy weight loss for life. My question in this. Because of all the different diets, my metabolism is shot, I know. Plus I have two children and I’m almost 30. Fine.. no excuse. So I decided to join weight watchers online to help me with my portion control issues and help me to feel like I’m NOT dieting. I have tried everything from no carb, to vegan, to juicing. I will NOT cut out food groups again. I know a little about nutrition, I am a massage therapist and have taken personal training course, but never finished. But with the knowledge I gained, I got “confused” about the truth, lol. There are so many different ways to loss weight, but for someone who has struggled all their life, what is the best way to speed things up? I recently joined the gym and fell in love with kick box classes. I take them 4 days a week, and strength training 2. In the last 2 weeks, I have gained 2lbs… What is going on? With all this cardio and my new eating plan I feel like I should be dropping weight NOT gaining it!!!! Please encourage me and give me some feedback. Should I be cutting carbs for the first couple weeks to get my metabolism going or just wait and be patient? Will the weight start to drop soon?


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12/22/2010 10:47:08 PM
yes if you wan to gain your weight then eat protein or use high calories food

James cuck
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12/10/2010 3:48:11 AM
I am not sure why but I have done the

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12/2/2010 12:40:44 AM
The above statement is seen to be
contradictory. The situation is very
critical and need an experience complainer
to resolve it.

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11/17/2010 12:40:19 PM
You are not gaining weight, you are gaining muscle from the strength training classes. That a good thing. Believe or not you are on the right track.

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8/30/2010 4:06:20 AM
Hey new to the forum
Read some of the replies and most were seemed like good advice.
I know most of this has probable been mentioned, but it cant hurt to hear it again!
Your gain in weight is most likely muscle, which as we know weighs more then fat and also burns more fat which is great!
Dieting, DIEting, is no good in my opion, your food has to be part of your life stlye, you cant go on a six week diet then go back to your normal eating pattern and hope to keep the weight of! so make realistic goals, avoid foods high is saturated fats as much as possible, eat carbs! do not cut carbs out of your diet!
Your doing plenty of exercise by the sounds of it, but remember to change things up, roughly every 6-8 weeks is a good idea.
Anyway i could talk all day but most people have probable gotten bored already!

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7/7/2010 9:38:50 PM
ok there are those words... almost 30.
when we were young, we could eat
anything we want and hardly gain weight,
you eat a gallon of ice cream and you
feel fine, you eat a pint and it shows
up at your hips. what i do is i do have
a balanced diet. you have to be
realistic, you don't think of deprivation right away. you have to have
a cheat day where you can eat the whole
cake and forgive yourself. i said "a"
cheat day. then 6 days out of the week
you will be disciplined. learn to count
your calories except
on cheat day.

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4/7/2010 2:05:41 PM
You can do it.
Give this new program a chance.
Also, meditation/yoga is great for reducing stress.
Excess stress releases cortisol which leads to weight
gain. Make sure you're taking care of your mind as
well as your body.
The yo-yo dieting is tough to rebound from, it just
may take time to "reset" your metabolism.
Make sure you're eating as many natural (fruit,
veggies, grains) as possible.


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3/7/2010 9:41:51 AM
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2/26/2010 12:06:46 AM
1. Your hormones are messed up

Your hormones get messed up and work against your weight loss efforts because of prescription and or over-the-counter drugs, chemicals in the air, foods, drinks, and packaging we are surrounded by, and who knows what else.

This world is not a healthy place and you're getting some of the direct results of the unnatural things we've created to make "our lives better".

Simple solution... spin around in a circle. I'm not even going to give you the details on the WHY this works, just do it. Spin around in a circle for 5-10 times, and do this 5-10 times a day.

2. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep is a big reason people don't lose weight or worse, gain weight. It has to do with cortisol in your blood. Too complicated to get into in this short article, but the obvious solution is to get enough sleep each day.

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12/28/2009 6:06:39 PM
I would advise you to walk or jog for an hour around the block every morning before I going to work. Also watch what you eat, whole grains, vegetables, fruits and lean meats. I find eating at home helps with weight loss because you will avoid eating junk, I am not saying you should stop completely eat out but eat less out. I find that water is the most important nutrient. Everyone knows that the majority of our body is water. In fact both Weight Watchers
and Jenny Craig both have their customers drink between 8 and 10 glasses of water a day and most people that diet find that they lose 2-10 pounds in the first week on their diet, primarily from the water loss. Also cut out soda completely from your diet, even diet sodas. Hope this helps

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6/15/2009 11:19:03 PM
Keep it up!! Exercise is fantastic! It also builds up a healthy mental state.
It's not the weight that you have to focus on, but the inches that you lose.
Carbs is good, but maybe choose the low GI carbs instead of the sugary or refined carbs.

Usually people gain more weight before they start to lose it because of the new muscle build-up.


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12/12/2008 2:45:01 PM
hi there

Please dont get discouraged. One thing I found was
the you consistently have to be positive about your
weight loss. In all of your daily activities and
everything you do you have to believe that things are
getting better. Negative thoughts discourage your
good eating habits and exercise. Head high!

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12/7/2008 1:39:27 PM

Being overweight doesn't just affect the appearance, it will also be a health hazard. Having too much fat levels will typically increase risks of diabetes, stroke, heart attack and asthma.

Some ways to solve your problem are:

Eating Different Foods, Eating More Meals per Day in Smaller Servings, Drinking Water, Cardio and Exercise, Eating Fruits and Vegetables, Consuming Fibre, Eating Lean Meat, Eat Less Fat, and Cutting Back on Sugar.

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9/4/2008 7:32:23 PM

Be more concerned with the quality of
your meals and you will naturally loose
weight. Eat fresh, whole foods, no
microwave, fats (nuts, avocado, no
peanut butter), as less sugar as you
can. Also, remember that I healthy diet
should not require supplements.

Park your car at the very back of the
parking lot and do walk as often as you

This training routine will really help
you strengthen your whole body and
loose weight.

Good Luck!

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9/4/2008 10:04:22 AM
Why do people play around with food diets, I mean anyone could easily just start taking labrada meal replacement 3 times a day and working out every day and i guarantee you anyone would lose 50 pounds in a couple months. And btw are u sure the weight is fat, my mom complained about gaining weight and it was actually muscle, because she started lifting daily.

8/26/2008 11:15:21 AM
Try eating paleo. It automatically gets you to a natural healthy weight by using only your natural appetite as an inhibitor. Read up on paleolithic diet anywhere online.

Myfit Moderator
Yelm Washington Personal Trainer
6/16/2008 10:41:38 AM
well it doesn't have to be that hard for you. Just keep your head up, and you will start to see results if you have the right info. Which on this site we are here to help you. I hope you can achieve your goals.=]

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6/13/2008 11:55:52 AM
Thank you! I think you are right. The last time i lost 60lbs, i was working with an online trainer who does body building. She had me on a carb rotation and 6 meal a day plan and it worked for me. I am really having a hard time getting motivated to that type of plan again. I felt with Weight Watchers i was free to eat without deprivation. But it is not working for me at all. I am watching my portion, but the weight is not moving. I have been carefully watching how certain food effect me over the past couple weeks and realized that wheat and sugar are my devil! Even within reason, my body does not like those things. I appreciate the feedback. It truly is confirmation and now i just need to stir up everything in me to get moving. Wow... I wish this wasn’t so hard for me!

Myfit Moderator
Yelm Washington Personal Trainer
6/13/2008 11:32:23 AM
What you are asking you would like to think there is a simple solution....but there isn't. Have you stopped to see if all that weight is fat? I mean if your going to the gym and all that means you are bound to gain weight from lifting.

Another thing is that have you balanced out your meal plan? If not you are just going to keep strugglin with weight gain.

Weight I would suggest doin is getting a body comp and see what your body fat ratio is. without that you will not know what you need to feed "your Body".

Too many people go off of how other peoples ways of losing weight and realise that it don't work.

Like weight watchers for an example, the person to make it had a body different to the point that they had to eat that way to lose weight. A chemical imbalance in a person makes you adjust to a way of eating.

This is what i have most of my clients eat like. 40/30/30 Carbs/protiens/fats.

Its a good balance and it makes it to where you are not getting too much of one thing!

Your metabolism will start to come back if you make a regular meal plan and stick to it.

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