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Hey Everybody! I have a question about preparing an exercise regimen. I have about three months or so left to lose some weight and get a little toning on my muscles, I've been trying to do body-building, but unfortunately it puts a lot of strain on my lower back, spine, shoulder joints etc (no matter how many youtube videos, and exercise tutorial forums I look at to adjust it, I just can't seem to do them properly).
I don't have anyone available to teach me how to do the forms properly, since all of the personal trainers at my gym are booked and I don't wish to damage something unintentionally. Does anyone know any good workout routines to do? I'm considering doing HIIT, and jogging since it's mostly just my body and not weights that I don't know how to use properly. And since I have a history doing them. Or perhaps calisthenics? I would be very grateful for any advice!
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