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How long is Whey Protein good after the expiration date? When do it go bad?


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4/9/2008 5:22:03 PM
I've never personally become ill due to "old protein". I would look further into it but wouldn't be too worried.

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4/4/2008 10:25:10 AM
It depends on the product!

Most Whey protein will last a long time after expiration date. You know the sayn of "if in doubt throw it out!"

If it smells bad or taste wrong you know it is bad. Besides that the protein over time isn't as great but you will be able to use it.

Just remember the organizations like the FDA have to put expiration dates on anything conumable by law, even if it is not bad by then.

For an example twinkies are one of those foods that don't expire any time close to its expiration date but it still has one!

So just keep that in mind for protien bars to.

They last a long time on the shelf!

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