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I just started a new workout routine and i was just wondering when you should start to increase the weight for each exercise? Is there a set time, eg every 2 weeks you should be increasing the weight. Or should you follow the "If you can successfully complete 2 more reps on your last set, 2 sessions in a row, its time for an increase"?


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4/11/2009 9:38:58 AM
Your question is to vague. You started a new routine? Okay, how long have you been working out? Your fitness level? What's your goal? You can't just blanket statement increasing weight, because that's Impossible to maintain, let alone be pratical for newbies, and experienced wieght lifters. Saying 5 percent every week in inpratical and begging for a serious muscle tear. Right now, I'm benching 360 for 12 reps a set, for me to increase 5 percent a week, would be impratical due to my higher fitness level. A good exercise routine will incorporate new exercises every week to keep your body guessing as well prevent the dreaded plataue. You will increase wieght when you discover your last set is becoming to easy. I assume your increasing wieght for every set, starting with a warm up set.
Rule of thumb, 12 - 15 reps you are going for lean, and endurance. 6-10 reps, muscle building. Less then 6, strength. Know your goal, and the wieght you lift will dictate itself.

Personal Trainer
2/20/2009 7:36:09 AM
you can increase your weight 5% a week, but you should be incorporating different advanced training principles which will also help you adapt to a higher weight.

Advanced Training Principles

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