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What is the procedure for installing Norton antivirus on a Mac?

* Link your Mac to a secure internet network and open a web browser according to the available options.
* You must type the keyword "" into the search bar after it has been enabled.
* Then, choose “Get Norton Security Online” from the drop-down menu.
* The device will direct you to the login tab, where you must enter your Xfinity ID and the correct password.
* It will be followed by the installation of Norton Security. Using the Norton account, you can access all * Norton tools and product keys with a single tap.
* When you click on the Install tab, the device will begin the downloading process.
* When you want the Download to another computer alternative, tap the “Send a file” button.
* Follow the on-screen directions after going to the email address and tapping the download connection button. * Begin the implementation process.
* To open your Mac downloads archive, double-click the update file and select the installer tab.
* You will be alerted when the uploading process is complete. Now, select the open tab and select the install button, granting all necessary permissions.
* Enable the Open Security Preferences permission and include the login credentials by pressing the allow button.
* Restart the computer and prelaunch the antivirus and you'll be able to enjoy all of the benefits right away.

If you need immediate assistance, please call the customer service phone.


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7/5/2021 1:28:30 AM
thankyou for giving step-by-step details.
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