Exercise Questions | What exercises do you focus on to target the stomach area?

What exercises do you focus on to target the stomach area?


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Personal Trainer
6/8/2006 6:33:37 AM
Please paste this link into your browser. This is a COMPLETE link to ALL abdominal exercises:

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Personal Trainer
4/20/2006 6:05:38 PM
There is no way to 'target' an area where you want to lose fat. Fat loss is not site specific (sucks, I know). When you exercise aerobically (long duration, 20+minutes, at a moderate to low intensity), you will use a higher percentage of stored fat as fuel and it'll be used from stores all over your body. So any aerobic exercise will reduce fat on the stomach and arms, as well as from everywhere else. I'd suggest strength training for your arms and stomach, which IS site specific. This can help tone your stomach and arms and give the 'illusion' of reduced fat.

If you are however in the mood to try to sweat and lose weight faster. Make sure to include interval training and a circuit training program into your workout routine. A circuit is found in our programs section and the interval training is basically training at a very high intensity for x time and then a low intensity for 3x time. A sample interval is 30 seconds for a high intensity and 90 at a low intensity.

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