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I worry about my weight (too much, I'm sure.) I lift weights every day (excluding one day on the weekends) and run 2-4 times a week. I know I eat well, but I tend to snack a bit. My principle snack items are things such as raisins and dried fruit, bananas, nuts (almonds and pecans, primarily), and other such things.
I know these are high in calories, so my question is "should I be worried about gaining weight?" I avoid sugars and refined starch and almost never eat candy or drink soda. I'm just afraid I'm getting my calories somewhere else.

Please advise.


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9/1/2008 5:32:26 PM
I don't believe you should worry about your weight. As long as you are taking in less calories then you are expending then you will lose weight, so if yo are at a healthy weight then just eat enough calories to maintain your weight.


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8/8/2008 5:48:13 AM
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6/16/2008 10:47:54 AM
i don't thnk you should worry bout it unless you are eating soo much of it that you are gaining weight(banana chips). If not then just keep on eating them as snacks. Fruit are really good for you and should be getting around 5 servings a day. They are a realy healthy carb that takes longer to break down than pasta and breads.

I hope this helps.

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