Exercise Questions | Weights to be used by a beginner while performing quadricep exercises

My mother has been prescribed quadricep excercises by her doctor.
Can you please throw some light on what is the correct dumbell weight she should use to eprform these exercises.
She is 58 years old


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3/11/2007 12:10:34 PM
Guessing the correct dumbbell weight for people is a stab in the dark.

I'm assuming she's going to the doctor for a reason and she has to train her quads for physiotherapy reasons.

What I would suggest: Start with a very very light weight and then make sure she can complete the right amoutnt of reps that her doctor asked her to do and then work up from there. Make sure that she is almost at muscular failure (if she is a normal case here) when reaches the perscribed amount of repititions.


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