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Almost 5 months ago I got married on the beach in th DR. In order to prepare for this and the bikini's I would be wearing, I lost about 5 pounds and started weight training. As an added bonus, the cardio work helped me to control my BP (I'm 35 and have to take 2 pills a day to control my BP). I'm not overweight now by any means, I'm 5 feet tall and weigh about 107 lbs.

However, since returning from my trip, my BP went out of control and I couldn't exercise for about 3 months until we adjusted my medication correctly. As a result, I have gotten out of the habit of exercising, though I have tried to maintain healthy eating.

Any ideas on how to get back my motivation and how to maintain the weight loss? I need to do this for my health more than anything, and have started to exercise again 3 days a week, but I just can get myself back to 5 days a week.

Any suggestions?


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8/19/2010 9:10:21 AM
Several years ago I was side-lined from my
triathlon training by a soft-tissue injury.
Everyone said to get in the pool. Even as a
triathlete, I hate the pool. But that was the extent
of anyone's advice.
I couldn't bring myself to do it though. yuck!
So I started to do Yoga. I had done tons before but
more in a type A setting like Bikrams.
This time I went into it with the attitude that I
would do my own yoga. I wouldn't push it too hard
or compare myself to others in the room.
I was shocked to find my strength increase very
I challenged myself to do it for 30 days straight and
when I accomplished that I did another 30.
While I still do yoga everyday I am now able to train
again and am really excited to do so.

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8/15/2010 11:18:56 PM
Yes u have some best suggestions for u.First of all i like to wish a happy married life.
You have to follow some fast weight loss tips and exercises.These are really best and effective.The weight loss exercises that u can do at home.
U feel the difference after some time.
Best of Luck

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