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Hello, I am a 25 yr old woman, 5'10" who weighs approx 220lbs. Through lack of money for food and light cardio exercise(running for the bus), I was able to go down to 170 lbs in recent years, but gained it all back after stoping that regiment. I am just now looking into a proper weight loss program, and am interested in using a cardio/pilates workout. I would ideally like to lose about 50 lbs in the next 4 or so months. Since I am so far over my index for my body size, will this be easier? What diet habits should I work on? Is it better to work out once a day or wait for once every other day? Thank you for providing this helpfull website, and I thank you for any help you are able to give. My email is


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4/25/2008 1:52:01 PM
Hi Kim...we are in the same height/weight range...I'm down to 191lbs so far from 202lbs. Been working out since Feb. I was a real workout addict before, so I know all I need to do is just stick to it and be serious.My diet hasnt been perfect, thats why I havent lost more, but I am working on that.

I suggest: at least a 4-day workout week and strength train on 3 of those days. Do at least 30-45 mins cardio, with high intensity intervals, so that you dip into your fat stores for energy.
Most importantly, you MUST eat well. The main thing is: lower carb intake; cut out all simple carbs if you can; no sugar, and use small amounts of good fats, such as virgin olive oil, and coconut oil. Drink lots of water and have a whey protein drink after each workout.

You can move up to 5 days as you get fitter.

You must increase the amount of weights you use at least every week, in order to see good results. Good luck.

By the way, in my opinion, running is the best cardio exercise, so if you find aerobics classes boring, you can break it up by running/jogging.

2/24/2006 8:59:47 PM
lol im a little late posting something on here but i saw u said the adkins diet is great. Maybe not for me becuase im only 17 yrs old. Over one summer i gained 30 pounds. Im back in 140's and still tend to lose weight but anywho. I tried the adkins diet and yes you do have to committ to that diet it is definetly strick. I've gone to jenny craig and i find counting calories to be the most EASY diet ever!

5/3/2005 4:24:02 PM
the atkins diet is good. You have to follow it strictly if you want to see results, No carb, Lots of protien diet. The protien builds muscels takes away fat, so you'll be "cut" make sure to weigh yourself and take a picture for a before and after so you can be all amazed

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4/7/2005 10:40:54 AM
Hey Everyone.....though i have purchased two exercise machines and a few vhs tapes to workout to i always found i was bored of my routine. Now i told myself...i will do something everytime i am watching tv...i started this a month far so good..i don't feel bored and i actually feel the workout soarness after i have worked a certain area, this is an incouragement to keep going..
When all else is in the inside..the outside is only to please outselves!

3/12/2005 2:58:32 PM
Hi there, Kim here,
wow, really? Since you're in my height range, I believe the weight loss even ore! Thanks. I'm heading out to get a scale and I'll start tonight. I'm an original couch potato, so this'll be perfect for me. I can watch and work out at the same time. Thaks again

2/20/2005 11:54:06 AM
If you have gotten any good advise could you please pass it on. I am a 31 yr old who quit smoking and went off birth control. Now I am as big as I was when I was pregnant almost 10 years ago and it's starting to get me down. My boyfriend says he still loves me but I cry anyway. I don't like feeling this way. Nothing fits anymore either.

Lonely in NY,

2/17/2005 10:11:03 PM
basically insteed of watchin tv at nite i will so sit ups and push ups leg lifts, i sort of made my own pilates. i never worked out im 20 and in college i hated the gym. i went from 190 to 170 at 5"10 thats good..i lost 20lbs since jan. i just work out everyday when im bored or when im watchin tv. dont do it all at once though space it out because its easier and you will probably give it more time. I also tried to cut out carbs in my snacks. i eat a small breakfast and lunch and dinner i only have one snack. weigh yourself and take measurments before u start so you can see if it works. GOOD LUCK..

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