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I'm in sixth grade and the slightest bit overweight. I wanna look good for middle school and need weight loss help. Any suggestions? Excersize ideas


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11/11/2016 11:29:49 PM
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11/6/2016 7:20:28 PM
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Personal Trainer
1/6/2015 1:41:08 PM
First off, you should try to remember that your body
is going to go through a lot of changes over the
next few years, you shouldn't worry too much about
it. Everyone is different and you should try to be
comfortable with yourself. Things change and I
wouldn't put too much thought into this.

That said, there are lots of things that you CAN do.
Most importantly it's that you try to stay as active
as possible. It might be difficult to do so with your
current situation but you should ask your care
givers to put you in soccer or another highly active
sport. There are lots of activities that you can do
after school that will keep you running around. If
you're not interested in that maybe try a different
sport like swimming. Both those sports are
amazing at keeping your heart rate high during the
whole time.

As for the nutrition side of things you should try to
get more vegetables and fish in your diet with less
starchy foods. That change alone will help you
achieve what you want.

Again, remember that you will go through a ton of
changes over the next few years and don't stress
about it.

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