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Hey, i started doing weights about 7 months ago and i didn't have much knowledge in the area. I done alot of leg training which i thought was fine, but i was only doing leg extensions.

further on i grew knowledge and realised my hamstrings were way undertrained. I tried to back off on the quads and started doing more deadlifts, and squats to keep a reasonable workout for all my legs along with calf raises.

My hamstrings are still way too small compared to my quadricep and my Vastus Lateralis takes up a very large area of my leg which makes it look like i have greatly underdone hamstrings and out of proportion.

Can you help? Thanks


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7/29/2008 4:19:25 PM
A Few Exercise that Target the Hamsting

Is the Deadlifts and Good Mornings

Both Targets the Same Part Lower Back and Hamstring

Good Mornings
Deep Knee Bends

Personal Trainer
7/23/2008 12:00:24 PM
it not only looks un-proportional, but it increases your chance for injury. there are many different exercises you can do to increase your hamstring size. One of the first things that I can suggest is to stop doing quadriceps as often and work on your hamstrings more. Check out the hamstring exercise section.

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