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I'm not really sure if this belongs here, but it seemed like the best fit, so here goes.

For the past couple days, I've been doing some research into types of exercises and the techniques behind them and I'm getting them mixed up. The information I've found often conflicts, so I decided to ask here and see what you guys and girls would say.

My primary goals are to build muscular endurance and speed-strength with my secondary goal being basic muscular strength. The areas I'm targeting are my shoulders, biceps and triceps and abs primarily but I wouldn't mind working my wrists and forearms as well. So can anyone provide some good exercises I can do at home, preferably body weight exercises and also what technique to use, should I do lots of reps slowly? A few reps quickly, ect. Any help would be appreciated.


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Stage 1 Fit
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7/29/2008 4:12:20 PM
You Should Do the Exercise Pretty Fast so your Body will still be warmed up and not to fast if you do it to fast it won't do anything

You Want to Build Muscular Endruance then you have to do 12+ reps (Don't do 30 reps)

Body Weight Exercise:
Push-ups (Chest and Triceps)
Tricep Disp (Triceps)
Dips (Triceps)
Pullups (Back and Biceps)
Chin-Ups (Biceps and Back)
Crunches (abs)
Sit-ups (abs)
Oblique Crunches (oblique)
Reverse curl (Forearms and Biceps)
Palm-up Curl (Wrist and Forearms)
Palm-down curl (Wrist and Forearm)

Squats (Quads)
Lunges (Inner Thigh)

The Push-ups also targets the Shoulders

Good Luck With the Training

Jesse Miller
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6/17/2008 5:43:20 PM
Well, I'm not one of the moderators or whatever, but if you want body weight exercises. Push ups, crunches(all kinds-reverse, regular, and oblique crunches are what I do) bird dogs for back if you want, chair dips for triceps....can't think of more body weight ones. As for reps, I just do them until fail(meaning that you cannot do any more) and then try and do a few more every day.

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