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Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for me? I had a baby 6 months ago and I want to lost that last 20 lbs of baby weight hanging around my stomach. The only problem is that I have painful swelling in my knees that I have to go to physical therapy to fix, so I can't do floor exercises. Are there and standing or chair exercises I can do to tone up my stomach... and maybe my butt too LOL.


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7/8/2008 3:45:43 PM
Ummm yeah!! I am a mother of two...and a lot of things have helped me. I started with situps...A LOT of them! Just recently I got back into running and riding a bicycle (just a cruiser) and even more recently I picked up my older daughters hula hoop and jump rope...its kicking my butt and I am looking better than before i had babies!! I just read this morning on another women's site that i visit ( about bellydancing being the ultimate middle section exercise! Anyway, hope that gives you some ideas. Best Wishes,

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6/27/2008 8:38:48 AM
yes wat you can try doing is leg raises, and also that you can do cable crunches.

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