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Im about 5'8''.. 165lbs... anyone have any ideas on how to get more of a cut look rather then bulky... when I start working out I get bulky. maybe because im shorter...but id like to get more of a ripped look...any ideas on how I should be working out?? Thanks so much


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8/21/2012 12:51:28 AM
I'm also trying to get lean please tell me good exercise to get lean.

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10/29/2011 7:54:20 PM
When you workout do more reps with lower weight as oppessed to less reps with a higher weight. By doing this it tones the muscles rather than trying to build them.

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5/22/2010 2:12:39 AM

Cycle your carbs. Every 4th day eat slightly more and on this day do your heavier weights. During your 3 low carb days, do cardio before breakfast to burn fat. Keep lifting weights even on these days - even if your energy sucks, because your body needs to know to keep your muscle.

Watch your salt intake, drink loads of water (4 litres per day). Sweat sweat sweat - this will allow you to lose that water from under the skin, that blocks your abs etc.

Do this for 3 months at least, you should see a difference.

One warning - you will look worse before you look better. By cutting your carbs, you deplete your glycogen in the muscle. This glycogen holds water and gives the muscles fullness. Your muscles will appear flatter when glycogen is depleted, the skin will be super stretchy too. After a few WEEKS this will start to improve as your skin tightens and you start losing fat.

Only when your glycogen is depleted, your insulin levels low (in a fasted state), will your body burn fat. It's a long, hard journey, but it can be done friend.

Hope this helps


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